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PRUFTECHNIK is a leading maintenance technology manufacturer and solution provider.

Offers a broad range of high-quality products, services in the areas of shaft alignment, vibration analysis, condition monitoring, and nondestructive testing.

Many manufacturing organizations worldwide trust PRUFTECHNIK for the condition-based maintenance of rotating equipment and plant reliability.
Arab Engineers for engineering services is the sole distributor in Egypt.

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Alignment System
More than 50% of machine failures are because of misalignment.
alignment system

Laser shaft alignment is the most efficient way to align machine shafts. Using an adaptive alignment system instead of conventional tools saves you time and money, increases machine availability, prolongs service life and maintenance intervals, and lowers power consumption.

Alignment tools from PRUFTECHNIK adapt to virtually any asset, situation, or user skill level.

Adaptive Alignment using single-laser technology adapts to virtually all rotating assets, from standard machines (motor pumps) to more complex equipment such as machine trains, gearboxes, Cardan shafts.


Stop machines only when really needed


Measurement systems for machine condition monitoring including vibration analysis and fault diagnosis.

Optimal production and smooth processes are only possible when machines run within vibration tolerances.

Identifying problematic machine conditions and, more importantly, eliminating their causes is our business. We provide innovative vibration analysis and monitoring systems as well as experienced field specialists for a high service level.

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We always aim to provide you with the best quality at the best price.

Pruftechnick laser alignment systems are number one, it saves you considerable time and money.

Our condition monitoring helps you to increase profits and machine uptime 

The strong service portfolio for the most modern maintenance and high reliability for all assets


Take advantage of our individual service package and rely on the PRUFTECHNIK core competencies:


  • Field balancing
  • Vibration measurement and analysis
  • Alignment and geometrical measurement
  • Remote monitoring and diagnosis of machines and systems
  • Training and Consulting


At the same time, as an Arab Engineers customer, our highly specialized Technical Support is available to you at all times to solve individual system and device problems.

Case Study



gas turbine

Alignment at Paper Converting Plant


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