AC Flexible Current Clamp (2000 A)

EGP 8,219.40 inc VAT

SKU: FLK2584912

Manufacturer part No: i2000 flex
Brand: FLUKE


The i2000 is an AC current probe utilizing the Rogowski principle. It can be used to measure currents up to 2000A when used in conjunction with multimeters, recorders or data loggers. The flexible and lightweight measuring head allows quick and easy installation in hard to reach areas. Three ranges: 20A, 200 A & 2000 A, 100 mV/A, 10 mV/A & 1 mV/A output. Ideal for current measurement on thick and hard to reach conductors without breaking the circuit. Maximum conductor diameter 178mm. CAT III 600V safety rating. Current ranges: 20A, 200A, 2000A AC rms. Output sensitivity (AC-coupled): 100 mV, 10 mV, 1 mV, 1 mV per A. Load impedance: 100 kilo ohm minimum. Accuracy: at +25 degree C +/- 1 percent of range (45 Hz to 65 Hz). Linearity: 10 percent to 100 percent of range +/- 0.2 percent of reading. Noise: 8 mV ac rms (30 A), 2 mV ac rms (300 A, 3000 A). Frequency range: 10 Hz to 20 kHz (-3 dB). Phase error: less than +/- 1 degree (45 Hz to 65 Hz), +/- 10 degree (at 20 kHz). Position sensitivity: with cable greater than 25 mm from the coupling +/-2 percent of range. External field: with cable greater than 200 mm from the head +/-1 percent of range. Power supply: 2 x AA/MN 1500/LR6 Alkaline, 200 hours, low battery indicator. Temperature coefficient: +/-0.08 percent of reading per degree C. Working voltage: 600 V AC rms or DC. Head circumference: 610mm (24″). Head cable diameter: 14.3mm (0.56″). Head bend radius: 38.1mm (1.5″). Cable length (head to electronics): 2m (6.56′). Output connection: Molded 4 mm safety plugs (not integrated). Operating temperature range: 0 degree C to +70 degree C (32 degree F to 158 degree F) (head and electronics). Storage temperature range: -40 degree C to +105 degree C (-40 degree F to 221 degree F) (head), -20 degree C to +85 degree C (-4 degree F to 185 degree F) (electronics). Operating humidity: 15 to 85 percent (non-condensing). Measures 68.5mm width by 116mm height by 30mm depth.

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