Fluke TI-SBP3 Extra Battery Pack for Thermal Imagers

EGP 3,801.00 inc VAT

SKU: FLK3440365

Manufacturer part No: FLK-TI-SBP3
Brand: FLUKE


The Fluke TI-SBP3 lithium-ion battery pack is designed for use with Fluke Ti32, Ti29, Ti27, Ti125, Ti110, Ti105, Ti100, TiR32, TiR29, TiR27, TiR125, TiR110, TiR105, Ti400, Ti300, and Ti200 thermal imagers (sold separately). This rechargeable battery extends thermal imager usage time in the field. It can be charged with the Fluke charging base (sold separately) or with the thermal imager when plugged in to AC power.Thermal imagers, also known as thermal cameras, infrared imagers, or infrared cameras, capture images of heat patterns for examination and analysis. Objects emit infrared light, and this light radiates heat in varying temperatures. A sensor within a thermal imager detects radiant heat and transforms it into patterns on a thermal imaging system. Thermal imagers have LCD screens to display an image of the object in a range of color that corresponds with variations in temperature. Technicians can transfer images and video to a computer for process monitoring and analysis. Some thermal imagers can show visual images along with thermal images to make an object more identifiable. Thermal imagers are used in an array of industries, including construction and building maintenance, manufacturing, firefighting, medicine, law enforcement, and military among others. A wide range of applications include building diagnostics to identify hidden moisture or heat leaks, industrial and commercial maintenance to prevent or identify electrical or mechanical equipment failure, thermal cameras that restore visibility in fire control, medical and veterinary diagnostic imaging to identify health conditions, and surveillance cameras for law enforcement and facility security.

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